iPhone: Astonishing dark mode battery life savings have been unveiled, very amazing!

According to the famous trait of iPhone, for years we have suggested that all iPhone users just turn on the Dark Mode to save their battery life. Provided you are the new to that tip, the reasoning is because most modern iPhone models have upgraded from LCD to OLED displays – and with OLED displays, true black actually draws no power at all as the light-emitting diodes are switched off entirely.

You could easily see how turning almost everything on your screen black would save battery life with an OLED display, but what wasn’t so obvious is how much battery life Dark Mode actually saves. Thanks to researchers at Purdue University, we now have the answer.

The researchers tested quite a few commonly used apps on popular Android devices like the Pixel 5 and Moto Z3. Those apps included YouTube, Google News, Google Phone, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and the ever-useful Calculator app.

After successfully running their tests, what the researchers found was astonishing.


How Much Battery Life Does Dark Mode Save?

At normal brightness levels, between 30% and 50%, power savings were apparent but negligible with 9% battery life savings over Light Mode.

At full brightness, whereas, Dark Mode saves a shocking amount of battery life with an incredible 47% reduction in battery draw.

That means on a sunny day, you can nearly double your smartphone’s battery life just by choosing to use Dark Mode. We’d say that’s a pretty easy decision to make while you’re heading to the beach or the local park.