iPhone wants to kill password: Apple wants to replace it with Face ID and Touch ID

Are you tired of manually typing passwords when logging in to your account?

At the WWDC conference, Apple engineer Garrett Davidson said that the company is working to replace the password part of account log in with Face ID (face recognition) and Touch ID (fingerprint recognition).


It is reported that the Passkeys function has been added to the iCloud key chain of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. It stores web authentication credentials in iCloud, which is convenient for users to call after verifying their Face ID or Touch ID, thereby automatically filling in account information to achieve a certain secret free form.

Apple emphasized that iCloud-based key chain storage is end-to-end encrypted, and because it is stored in iCloud, even if the phone is lost, it will not affect it.

However, the above functions can only be used on Apple devices, and it is said that they are also cooperating with FIDO and World Wide Web organizations to explore a way that can be used on non-Apple devices.