iPod Classic 2021: Do you wish this classic Apple product comes back this year?

As we all know, Apple fans, iPod is a very classic Apple product, which has given us a lot of happiness and joyfulness, and the iPod officially turns 20 this year, and we do wonder what if Apple had released a newly designed iPod Classic to celebrate its 20th anniversary?

Andrea Copellino took the iPod classic and gave it some modern touches – thin bezels, curved edges, and a lot of glass! He did however maintain the iconic click wheel but integrated it with the concept of a magic trackpad, so you don’t actually have to click anything.

He wanted to create an iPod design that harmoniously integrates the old and the new, a design that celebrates everything we loved and appreciated about the iPod while adding some much-needed futuristic upgrades.

Apart from the iPod classic 2021, there is another awesome Apple gadget. Incorporating Apple’s design and technical language into his product, Taiseer created Drop to make file transferring and storage between Apple devices even easier. Drop operates as a wireless USB Type C and offline external flash drive and an AirDrop file transfer and Thunderbolt 3 data transfer device. Drop is a standalone Apple-inspired device that operates as a flash drive, storage device, and file transfer cable. Users can AirDrop files from their iPhones or MacBooks to Drop where the files can be stored or transferred to another, Apple or non-Apple, device. Alternatively, users can store files offline using DropDrive, a feature that creates a folder on the user’s iPhone to store media files, where the files remain until Drop is brought back online.