This article tells you how to use iPad in the proper way

1. The use of gestures.

[Five-finger grasp in the middle]: Return to the main screen, equivalent to the use of the “Home” key

[Push up with four fingers]: Enter multi-task selection mode

[Swipe left and right with four fingers]: Switch applications

When browsing the web, swiping your finger left and right will give priority to switching web pages

2. Up to six icons can be placed in the bottom taskbar

3. If it is a 16G version of iPad/iPhone, there will definitely be insufficient storage.

If the video still takes up space after watching the video, uninstall the playback software and reinstall it again.

4. If you accidentally touch the Home button while playing the game, and you don’t want to quit, you can press and hold for 5 seconds and it won’t quit.

5. Through settings-general-usage-battery usage, you can query power consumption applications.

6. Find my iPhone/ipad through the settings, you can locate your partner/elderly/child.

7. iPad can be bound to a mobile phone number to receive mobile phone text messages/answer mobile phone calls.

8. Turn on the gray scale in the iPad auxiliary function to adjust the phone to black and white.

9. Sliding the application page from left to right can be used as the back button.


10. If you can’t find the downloaded program in the app store, please change the mode to iPhone only.

11. When watching a movie, most players support sliding up from the left to increase the brightness, and sliding up from the right to adjust the volume

12. In terms of imaging effects alone, iPad is more suitable for selfies than iPhone.

13. The default keyboard of the system can be opened. Just do a movement of breaking both thumbs to both sides.

14. Although iPad rarely crashes, once it crashes, it will be very tricky. The solution is to press and hold the power button and the Home button for 5 seconds at the same time.

15. When using the English keyboard that comes with the system, press and hold a letter or symbol, and there will be similar letter symbols for selection.

16. When using the system’s built-in map to locate, double-click the My Location icon, and a compass will appear in the upper right corner.

17. Enter a large paragraph of text and suddenly want to delete or cancel, just pick up the iPad and shake it.

18. Settings-There is an equalizer option in the music. When it is turned on, the sound quality is better, but it consumes electricity. Remember to turn it off when not in use.

19. When you want to mute the sound quickly, you can press and hold the volume down button for two seconds.

20. After entering a paragraph of text, double-click the space bar and a period will appear.

21. If it is only a one-time alarm clock, it is recommended to select a timer in the clock to count down. I personally find it much more convenient than an alarm clock.

22. This is not a skill, I just find it interesting. After setting up a custom desktop, the background will follow your sight when moving the iPad slowly.

23. If there are elderly and children in the home, and you are worried that they may misuse, download paid software or delete software by mistake, please set it in Settings-General-Access Restrictions.

24. Settings—Change the preview of mail, calendar, and address book to five lines to browse more mails.