Windows 365 cloud service is here! It supports iPad and Android phones

Microsoft has released a new cloud service, Windows 365, to provide enterprise users with a new way to experience Windows 10 or the Windows 11 operating system that will be officially launched later this year.

App, data and personal settings can be accessed on the browsers of various devices, including Android phones, Apple Mac computers and iPads.

Microsoft issued a press release on its official website stating that Windows 365 puts the operating system on the Microsoft cloud platform, stores all information on the cloud and ensures security.


It can provide a complete Windows experience anytime, anywhere, which helps companies improve efficiency when adopting a hybrid working mode that combines online virtual and physical.

Windows 365 will be launched on August 2 this year. It will initially lock in corporate users and will bill each user on a monthly basis. The detailed price has not yet been announced.

Wangui McKelvey, general manager of Microsoft 365, said that the Windows experience is consistent on any device.

Users can continue from the work phase they left last time, because the status of the cloud PC can be kept consistent, even if they are accessed from other devices.