Is FOREO LUNA too expensive? Try the Xiaomi inFace facial massager!

When it comes to skincare, every girl may have her own experience, but one thing I have to admit is that all skincare starts with washing your face.

Washing your face is not only related to the metabolism of dirty things, but also the absorption of subsequent skincare products. Living in the city, dust is everywhere. In addition, people who do not wash their faces well in this changing climate season may have pretty bad skin.


For sisters who care about their facial skin, you can skip meals, not drink milk tea, and buy fewer cosmetics, but you can’t leave your face unclean. So now there are more and more cleansing products, but the familiar brands are almost the same.

Since the launch of inFace facial cleansing massager in Xiaomi last year, it has quickly occupied the hot search list of facial cleansing products, and it has a good match with Luna.

Many people have asked how the inFace facial massager is, and how to choose between Luna and inFace.

Look at the following, it will be clear in your mind.

The inFace cleansing device is a brand of Xiaomi’s supply chain. Its appearance is nice and the quality is reliable. The materials are the same supplier as the FOREO Luna cleansing device. Therefore, the inFace cleansing device and Luna are the same movements, except for the different appearance, the use effect and feeling are almost the same as Luna.


Sisters who know Luna know that Luna is so expensive. InFace cleansing device breaks this phenomenon and uses the same material as the big brand, but compared with Luna, it is really cheap and the price-performance ratio is so high.

With it, many women who are discouraged by the cleansing device because of the price can finally experience the black technology face wash!

Luna facial cleansing device is definitely a big brand, with a great reputation, it is similar in function to inFace facial cleansing device, the only drawback is that it is expensive, too expensive.


So if you really want to say how to choose between Luna and inFace?

InFace is famous for its high cost-performance and Luna is famous for its expensive. How to choose? That should answer you like this. A facial cleanser is just a tool. Whether it works or not depends on what kind of facial cleanser you buy and how to use it reasonably.


If you have a strong financial base and pursue a big name, then choose Luna, a big-name high-end facial cleanser, otherwise, your facial cleanser will not match the cleanser, and the effect will be compromised.

If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, then choose inFace, inFace is recognized by the industry as cost-effective.

Finally, I personally do not recommend the brush-type cleaning device. The brush is too thin and too dense to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause secondary infections, while the silicone type is very clean after rinsing.