Xiaomi’s first high-end smart speaker will be released together with MIX 4, and the sound quality surpasses HomePod

On August 5, Xiaomi announced that Xiaomi’s first high-end smart speaker will be released together with MIX 4 on August 10.


Xiaomi has already launched XiaoAI speakers and other products before, and I don’t know what kind of surprises this “high-end smart speaker” will bring to everyone. Judging from the previous network access information, this high-end audio model is L16A, which seems to be still listed in the XiaoAI speaker series. The biggest highlight of this product is the support for UWB wireless transmission, which can cooperate with the UWB function of MIX 4 to bring hardware-level smart home everything connected experience.


The smart speaker will be equipped with a 24W charger and support UWB technology. Xiaomi may start to build a new ecological interactive experience.
It is reported that UWB technology is a wireless carrier communication technology that uses a frequency bandwidth of 1 GHz or more. It has the advantages of being insensitive to channel fading, low power spectral density of transmitted signals, low interception rate, low system complexity, and positioning accuracy of several centimeters.


Previously, Xiaomi released the UWB One Finger Link technology. Mobile phones supporting Xiaomi UWB technology can realize the centimeter-level positioning of smart devices, pointing to any smart device that can be directly controlled, and the angle measurement accuracy can reach ±3°. According to Xiaomi, the mobile phone equipped with this technology can be controlled by one finger and projected with one finger by pointing it at the smart device.