Farewell to the environmental protection version: Mi 12 comes with standard data cable and 67W charger


It is confirmed from the official website and the media/offline that this year’s Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro no longer have the “environmental protection version” of last year, that is, the entire series comes standard with USB-C data cables and chargers.

Among them, the standard charger of Mi 12 can output up to 67W of power at full blood, and the standard charger of 12 Pro can output up to 120W of power at full blood.


However, the data cable is C-A design, and the charger is also A port, and it is not a gallium nitride style, which is a little regrettable.


In addition, the Mi 12X is still divided into an “environmental protection version” and a package version. The environmental protection version does not include a data cable + charger. The package version comes with a 67W charger. The environmental protection version and the package version have the same price.

It is worth mentioning that Mi 12, Mi 12 Pro, and Mi 12X continue the tradition. They come standard with a clean water protective shell and a protective film with an oleophobic layer, which is convenient for users to use right out of the box.


Do you think that Apple and Samsung will bid farewell to the environmentally friendly version? After all, the charger that is compatible with the original mobile phone is not easy to buy.