It is recommended to use EB frozen seafood to easily make 5 delicious New Year dishes!


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The Chinese New Year is coming soon, every family will prepare New Year dishes, and everyone will get together to enjoy the food and enjoy the family happiness. But each time it takes a whole day to cook, it’s not just a different and more convenient way of cooking this year, that is, using EB frozen ingredients to cook New Year dishes! In addition to the familiar hot pot and dim sum dishes, EB can also become the protagonist of the New Year’s dinner table. If it is not convenient to go out during the epidemic, you can buy EB’s frozen food. A variety of options allow you to easily cook creative New Year dishes!


EB Frozen Foods is a subsidiary of Everbest Group and a manufacturing company specializing in the production of surimi and seafood products. EB, which has more than 25 years of production experience, has now launched 6 healthy, convenient and high-quality product series, including marine series, hot pot series, dim sum series and snack series. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what EB frozen foods can be used to make delicious New Year dishes and how to make them!

[New Year’s dish one, prawns and raw fish]

Ingredients: 6-10 slices of fish sashimi, 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of white radishes, 10-15 pieces of EB small-leaf shrimp, a little bit of crazy orange leaves (chopped), a pack of packing peanuts, and sesame seeds (according to personal preference, take it in proper weight)


Production method: (6-10 people)

1. Wash and shred carrots and white radishes.

2. No need to defrost, put the EB Shrimp Shrimp in boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes to remove.

3. Put the shredded carrot, shredded white radish, raw fish, and cooked shrimp into the plate.

4. Sprinkle with peanuts and sesame seeds to make fresh.


2 Fish Roe Lucky Bag

The fish roe blessing bag is small and cute in appearance. The inset is filled with high-quality surimi and soft and firm tofu. It tastes fresh and delicious! The high-protein fish roe blessing bag also does not contain trans fats. It is suitable for daily use with hot pot, noodle soup, spicy soup and other soups.


Ingredients: 10 EB fish roe blessing bags, 400 cauliflower, 5 grams of dried shrimp, 450 grams of cabbage, 10-15 grams of scallops, 2 grams of steamed vegetables, 5-6 slices of ginger, appropriate amount of shallots, 10 oyster sauces, 500 grams of water

Seasoning: 350ml chicken broth, 5g oyster sauce, 5g chicken essence, appropriate amount of sugar, appropriate amount of soy sauce, appropriate amount of sesame oil, appropriate amount of garlic oil, 6g potato powder, 100g water
(According to personal preference, choose the amount)

Production Method:

1. Saute the shrimps until fragrant, put the cabbage and cauliflower into them and cook them separately.

2. Put the scallops and oyster sauce in a pot, add water and simmer for about 40 minutes.

3. Soak the fermented vegetables in cold water for about 15 minutes, scald them and pick them up for later use.

4. Put all the ingredients into the chicken broth, add the fish roe blessing bag and continue cooking. Pick up the fish roe blessing bag for use.

5. Put the cooked ingredients on the plate, pour the chicken broth and enjoy.



3 Shrimp Wanton

This year’s newly launched shrimp wonton is made with special wonton skins, and the inside of the wonton is a whole shrimp! It just satisfies the people who love shrimp and wontons! And there is no need to defrost the shrimp wonton. A portion of the shrimp wonton also has a soup bag with fungus soup, boil the soup directly into the wonton and cook it, or put it in the microwave for a bite!


[New Year’s dish three, festive reunion wonton soup]

Ingredients: 20 EB fresh shrimp wontons, 150 Chinese cabbage, 100 grams of lettuce, appropriate amount of shallots, appropriate amount of coriander, 500 grams of chicken broth

Seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, 5 grams of chicken essence, 5 grams of chicken powder, appropriate amount of pepper, appropriate amount of garlic oil (according to personal preference, select the amount)

Production Method:

1. Put appropriate amount of chicken essence, chicken essence powder and salt into the chicken broth and boil.

2. After boiling, turn to low heat and add EB fresh shrimp wonton.

3. Add Chinese cabbage and lettuce.

4. Add appropriate amount of salt, pepper, garlic oil to taste.

5. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of shallots and coriander to enjoy.


4 tiger shrimp rolls

Crispy and delicious fried food is indispensable for New Year’s dishes! The outer skin of EB’s tiger shrimp rolls is made of non-GMO Soybeans (non-GMO Soybeans), and the inner material is the refreshing taste of tiger shrimp meat and horseshoes. The tiger prawn rolls can be cooked by deep-frying or air fryer. You can eat tiger prawn rolls that are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside! One fried item is not enough. You can also add EB Shrimp Steak, Golden Prawn Steak, and Fried Chicken Wonton!


[New Year’s Cuisine: Five Fortunes at the Gate]

Ingredients: EB tiger shrimp rolls 3–4 pieces, EB squid prawn steaks 3–4 pieces, EB shrimp steak golden 3-4 pieces, EB fried chicken wontons 3–4 pieces, appropriate amount of cauliflower, appropriate amount of carrots, appropriate amount of small tomatoes
(According to personal preference, choose the amount)

Production Method:

1. Wash and shred carrots, wash and cut small tomatoes in half, wash and cut cauliflower into bite-sized pieces, blanch for later use.

2. No need to defrost, put the tiger shrimp rolls into the air fryer. Adjust the temperature to 200°C-220°C, and fry for 3 to 4 minutes.

3. No need to defrost, put the golden shrimp steak in the air fryer. Adjust the temperature to between 200°C-220°C, and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side.

4. Heat a pot of oil until the temperature of the oil reaches between 160°C-170°C, and then put the prawn steaks without thawing in advance. Fry for 3–3.5 minutes, the surface will be golden brown and you can pick it up.

5. Heat a pot of oil until the oil temperature reaches between 150°C-160°C, and then add chicken wontons without defrosting beforehand. Fry for 3–4 minutes, the surface will be golden brown and you can pick it up.

6. Put the fried ingredients on the plate, add the hot broccoli, carrots and small tomatoes to the plate.


5 EB Hot Pot Series Food

Although hot pot can be eaten at any time, a group of people reunite to eat hot pot at the edge of the stove during the New Year always has a special atmosphere! The second is that it is super convenient to eat hot pot. The hot pot series of EB can meet all needs. You only need to prepare the ingredients in advance and you can start eating directly!

[New Year’s dishes 5. Harmony Hot Pot]

Ingredients: EB fresh shrimp wonton, EB fish roe blessing bag, EB Kyoto yuba, EB hot pot five treasures, EB small leaf shrimp slip, bell bell roll, mushrooms, vegetables

Soup base material: 350ml chicken broth, appropriate amount of ginger

Production Method:

1. Pour the chicken broth into the pot, add ginger cubes to enhance the flavor.

2. After the soup is boiled, first add the blessed bag, hot pot five treasures, small leaf shrimp slip, Kyoto yuba and shrimp wonton, without defrosting in advance.

3. Add mushrooms and vegetables. (According to personal preference)

4. You can enjoy it after the ingredients are cooked, and it tastes better when paired with the hot pot essential Lingling rolls!



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