With those Japanese cleaning products, There is no need to ask for cleaning service.

Lazy mop and mopping paper towels

The most annoying housework is mopping, especially the dirty appearance of cat hair and hair on the mop. With this artifact, you can use it to mop away most of the hair loss, hair and dust before each mop. If you mop again with an ordinary wet mop, the floor at home is clean enough to walk barefoot. Since having it, the frequency of mopping the floor has become higher, and the paper towels cost less than 3 cents each, so it doesn&acutet hurt to use them at all.

Cleaning spray for the Kitchen of the King of Flowers

Kitchen cleaning spray is a must for every family, but the King of Flowers is different. First of all, it is not pungent, and secondly, it goes to the oil very quickly. It only takes half a minute to a minute to wipe off the oil, and it only needs to be wiped once or twice with a towel. Unlike other kitchen sprays, they need to be scrubbed, washed, and scrubbed many times, as well as Bubble, a variety of home-made kitchen sprays with a pungent smell.

The King of Flowers bathroom cleaning spray

This one is used to wash the bathtub, but I use to clean the bathroom faucets, showers, and other metal sanitary ware, you can take a look at the comparison of figure 5, stunned or not! The faucet, which has been used for several years and is full of scale and water stains, instantly becomes as good as new! The sprinkler can be adjusted, you can choose a pile of Bubble or spray Bubble, suitable for different sizes of sanitary ware, and very durable, only need to spray a little bit, and then rest for 5 minutes (be sure to rest), and then wipe off with a towel. This one is also very good for mirrors. Since I have it, my faucet bling-bling is so bright that it can be used as a mirror every day, and my mood for washing and bathing has become better.

Lion King toilet cleaning spray and Lion King toilet Cleanser

The toilet is the most likely place to breed bacteria and spread diseases at home, so I always pay attention to the cleanliness of the toilet. If I only have five minutes to clean, I will spend these five minutes brushing the toilet , many friends who have come to my house see that our toilet is so clean that it glows. After I have used all kinds of toilet cleaners in the supermarket, I highly recommend the combination of King of Flowers toilet spray and Lion King toilet Cleanser, which is used to clean the dirt inside the toilet (there is no one of the best toilet cleansers ever used, squeeze in a circle and sit for 5 minutes, gently brush it clean until you have no friends), as a result, I will conclude that the rest of our house must be very clean. After using all kinds of toilet cleaners in the supermarket, I highly recommend the combination of King of Flowers toilet spray and Lion King toilet Cleanser to clean the dirt inside the toilet. The spray is used to disinfect the toilet seat lid (in fact, the effect of this spray is not amazing, but domestic toilet cleaning products are rarely sprayed). It is recommended that you do deep cleaning and disinfection of the toilet at least once a week.

Peach-flavored pipeline dredging agent for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

This personal test does not have any pipe dredging effect, if the sewer is blocked, it does not have any effect. But the effect of removing oil and smell is very good. Put one in the sewers of the kitchen and toilet, which can make the whole house fragrant. Families with a bad smell in the sewers must try it.

Disinfectant spray on the table of the King of Flowers

The cat at home is always on the table, and there is no way to sterilize the table before and after every meal. I bought this for disinfection because I was afraid of damaging the furniture for a long time. In addition to the efficacy of disinfection, this also has a little oil removal effect, and it is also easy to wipe and has no residual style. it is very suitable for families with babies at home, and cleaning the table has become a kind of enjoyment.

Kobayashi pharmaceuticals toilet is quick.

This is fast different from the domestic toilets sold in the supermarket. This one has many colors and tastes. It is no longer a shocking blue liquid. There are soap, peach, peppermint, rosin, and so on, which are suitable for a nervous baby like me who has requirements for my toilet.

Ikea sticky drum

This is a must-buy for Ikea, isn&acutet it? it is an artifact. A lazy mop is used to clean the hair and hair on the floor. This is used to clean the hair and hair on the bed, sofa, and clothes. It has become my habit to roll my hair before I go out every morning.