LG releases Virtoo by LG: Let mobile phones and computers work together efficiently

In recent years, the collaboration between mobile phones and PCs has attracted more and more attention from users. Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have all actively promoted it. At present, it has become an important consideration for many users when purchasing phones. A few days ago, LG officially launched a new application called Virtoo by LG on Microsoft’s official store. With it, your LG mobile phone can be used with PC.


This application is similar to Microsoft’s “Your Phone”, allowing LG mobile phone and PC users to collaborate with each other, supporting mobile phone mirroring, transferring files, and sending messages, greatly improving work efficiency and convenience. For example, you can send a message directly on the PC after connection, and quickly call the photos of the phone. Of course, you can quickly put the content on the PC to the phone.