Lol, after I watched the debut of Android 12, I prefer to expect iOS 15!

I’ve been waiting for Google I/O 2021 two years, however, guys, I feel a little bit of disappointed. Because I don’t feel there are too many new updates about Android 12. 

So, let’s see the new Android 12 first.

Android 12 is one implementation of a new design system Google is debuting called Material You. Unlike the first version of Material Design, this new system is meant to mainly be a set of principles for creating interfaces — one that goes well beyond the original paper metaphor. 


As you’ve no doubt gathered already from the photos, the most noticeable change in Android 12 is that all of the design elements are big, bubbly, and much more liberal in their use of animation. 

It wouldn’t be a new version of Android without Google mucking about with notifications, Google Assistant, or what happens when you press the power button. With Android 12, we’ve hit the trifecta. Luckily, the changes Google has made mostly represent walking back some of the changes it made in Android 11.

The combined Quick Settings / notifications shade remains mostly the same — though the huge buttons mean you’re going to see fewer of them in either collapsed or expanded views. The main difference in notifications is mostly aesthetic. Like everything else, they’re big and bubbly. There’s a big, easy-to-hit down arrow for expanding them, and groups of notifications are put together into one bigger bubble. There’s even a nice little visual flourish when you begin to swipe a notification away: it forms its own roundrect, indicating that it has become a discrete object.


Now, let us see iOS 15


New Customizable Notification Categories

We may see better management for notifications in iOS 15, with more customizable options to see the notifications you actually want or need.

More Privacy Features

New reports show that iOS 15 will bring a new privacy feature that will show you all the apps that silently collect your information. This will help as an easy way to understand which apps are collecting information, and it’ll give users even more control over how apps and companies use their information.

Messages Will Get an Update as Well

Just a few weeks ago, Apple gave iMessage an update, albeit a small one. It seems, however, that Apple is working on a larger update for iMessage that’s going to make the app a better competitor against WhatsApp and Messenger.

Sadly, we don’t really know what that update is or if it’ll be ready for WWDC. One thing’s for sure, though. Once iOS 15 officially launches, we might see some significant improvements for Apple’s Messages app.

Widgets Are Coming to the iPad’s Home Screen

Granted, this isn’t iOS-related, but it’s still great news for all iPad users out there. Apple is finally adding widget-support to the iPad… again.

If you’ve used an iPad, you already know you’ve been able to use widgets for a very long time now. However, you can only add them to your Today View. Now, Apple’s finally changing this.

Just like the company did for the iPhone last year, Apple will also introduce widgets for the iPad’s Home Screen.

You’ll be able to customize your Home Screen and place your widgets anywhere you want, and you won’t have only to add them to the Today View.

We’ll Also See Interactive Widgets

Speaking of widgets, the iOS 15 update might also borrow another widget-related feature from Android. Some reports suggest that Apple might make widgets interactive with iOS 15. This means that, just like in Android, you’ll be able to trigger an action from your widget right from your Home Screen instead of the widget opening the app first.

Thus, I prefer to become a new Apple fan in the near future!