Mechanical school in pen, parker sonnet stainless pen

The body material of different pens will be different, and the touch they bring is definitely different. The pen that is going to be out of the box today is really a clear stream in this regard.


Those who are familiar with fountain pens should have experienced many materials on the surface of fountain pens, such as resin, varnish, matte, and even carved spray paint. Different styles bring great differences in texture and visual sense.


Take a closer look at the pen in the picture. What material do you think the pen body is made of?


It is a steel rod without lacquer. Compared with other fountain pens, it is like a plain face, without modification, and it is full of mechanical feeling. Compared with other fountain pens, it has a special flavor.


Some people can guess the name of this pen just by looking at the appearance. It is called the Parker Zall Steel Rod White Clip Ink Pen, which is also very stylish in the Zall series.


Some people will wonder how the material of this pen feels to the touch. The answer is more subtle. Its feel is similar to matte, but it is different from matte. The pen body has a damping feel, does not slip, and the barrel is slightly cool. It makes people aware of its metal material.


Although it is unpainted, it is not without embellishments. Take a closer look at its pen top, pen holder and pen ring. There is a nickel-palladium alloy on it. This metal is difficult to dull and has a good gloss. It usually appears in some exquisite jewelry on.


In addition, its pen grip is pitch black, the touch is very smooth, and with a little warmth, it forms a good contrast with the silver-white pen body, making the pen body brighter.


This pen is as light as its cloth box, and has a somewhat legacy and independent taste.


Inside the pen is a pull-out ink absorber with a small metal bead inside. I personally find it slightly more convenient than a rotary ink absorber. If you want more convenience, you can also take off the ink absorber and install the ink bag.


Not only the body of the pen, but the nib of this drow is also different from other drow. It has a steel tip and a very round nib. The hand feel when writing is quite classic. It is elastic and not soft, and the water is smooth. It’s like an old-fashioned fountain pen.


After the steel rod drow is held, the pen body does not leave fingerprints, and the design is simple, but it is not easy to study it carefully. The metallic mineral color of the pen body is durable and infectious, which is very refined.

All in all, the fountain pen presents a kind of low-key elegance, elasticity and smoothness. Compared with other fountain pens, it has one less process, but has a sense of mechanical craftsmanship. It has a pure surface. If you like it, it is also good to start with one.


Two small disadvantages:

1. Although it is F-tip, this pen is too thin and the writing experience is not good.

2. The steel rod has no lacquer body, which is smoother and cooler to the touch in winter.