Out of the box, hands-on evaluation of the Mito Planet Pen

This should be an embarrassing unboxing since 2020, because when it comes to appearance, Mitu Planet is a good solution to the problem of better gifts. First, the gift needs to be beautiful, and on the other hand, it needs to be considerate, but the pen is used. Let’s take a look at some small questions.

Let me first show you the hand bag of the pen gift box, it looks very beautiful.


The moment when I opened the express delivery was amazing, and it felt very good. The whole gift box was themed around the planet and the Milky Way, combined with black, blue and silver. The appearance was delicate and exquisite, which made people feel very innovative.


Its name is Live in You, a gift box of Lisamitu series fountain pens.


To the effect that there is you in life, this expression is implicit and very romantic.


There are vast universes and star maps on the gift box. The blue pen is only one of ten pens. I think this blue nebula is extremely beautiful, so I picked this one. If you are interested in other colors, you can go by yourself. Learn about.


This pen looks like this after it is taken apart.


The gift box includes the Milky Way Pen, Liyou Notepad, Ink Sac and Liyou Ink. Among them, there are five ink sacs, which are convenient to carry. The small book is inlaid firmly. A small lifting design is designed under the book, which is easy to use. Taking out the notebook is very intimate.


There are faint wavelet points like a matrix in the book.


The most dazzling one is undoubtedly this galaxy pen.


It is surrounded by the Milky Way, and sometimes the figure of the nebula can be seen. This texture is really impressive. When staring at the pen body pattern, it seems that you can always see the cosmic dust and galaxy light and dust floating in the sky.


There is a word “Live in you” in this position of the pen body.


The first time I used it, I felt that the weight of this pen is not high. The pen body is made of acrylic PAMA material, only 15g. The hand feels not heavy, and the grip of the pen is also of high quality, which is very friendly to girls.


The nib is Schmidts gold-plated nib imported from Germany. The pattern is exquisite and has a beautiful texture. It matches well with the galaxy of the pen body.


Let’s look back at its price, 168. From the point of view of the pen field, this price is not expensive, nor cheap, and affordable, while the Milky Way encompasses all the stars, which seems to be very connotative.


In general, this is a set of exquisite and thoughtful gift boxes. From packaging to pens, to notebooks, to ink sacs and inks, the high-value looks are very comfortable to look at. It is very suitable for gifting.

Talk about some shortcomings found in the process of use:

1. The tip of the pen is slightly soft, and the tip of the nose splits with a little force.

2. The cap and body of the pen are not tightly fixed when writing, and they are easy to fall off.