Mi 12 Ultra enhanced version is exposed: It has five cameras and under-screen cameras

With the release of the new generation of Snapdragon flagship processors approaching, the attention of the outside world to Xiaomi 12 has also greatly increased.

According to the latest news, three code names of the Mi 12 series have been exposed. Among them, the Mi 12 Pro is codenamed Zeus, the Mi 12 Ultra is codenamed Loki, and the Mi 12 Ultra enhanced version is codenamed Thor.

There are two speculations about the enhanced version of the Mi 12 Ultra that appeared for the first time. One is the Leica special customized version of the Mi 12 Ultra, which is the version with the most powerful image performance, with five cameras.

There is also a speculation that Thor is the son of Odin, and Odin is the codename of Mi MIX 4, so the enhanced version of Mi 12 Ultra is actually Mi MIX 4S/5 with an under-screen camera.

However, the current firmware of Loki and Thor is exactly the same, and both use SM8450 chip.

The information extracted from the MIUI camera also shows that the phone is equipped with up to 5 rear cameras.

Four of them are a 50-megapixel Samsung GN5 main camera and three 48-megapixels. The possibility of Xiaomi 12 series equipped with Samsung’s 200-megapixel HP1 is very small.

In addition, the MIUI software development of the Mi 12 Ultra and Mi 12 Ultra enhanced version only started on October 1, suggesting that this device has no hope of listing this year and most likely will be in the second quarter of next year.