Microsoft Is Working On Android 13 Support For Windows 11

Microsoft is reportedly working on bringing Android 13 support to Windows 11, which will introduce new features to apps for the PC platform. When Microsoft originally announced Windows 11, it revealed that it would add native support for Android apps without the need for software like Bluestacks and other similar Windows apps.

While Android app support wasn’t available at the start of Windows 11’s release, it’s been available through the Amazon App Store for most of this year. With support for Android 13, Windows 11 users will be able to get the most out of their Android apps on PC.

Windows Latest on Microsoft’s official WSA GitHub (via 9To5Google) spotted a future upgrade. With the update promises to give users access to some new features. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has only released a roadmap going forward. The features listed above are support that Microsoft plans to add. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will be added.

Android 13 support on Windows 11 opens up new features

The list of features won’t be exhausting. This means that users may want Microsoft to add some features. Adding support for Android 13 could introduce four new features. At least considering what Microsoft is emphasizing right now. Things may change and it may decide to add more.

For now, though, that’s what the company seems to be focusing on. In addition to general support for Android 13. First, file transfer. There is also a plan to add shortcuts. As well as local network access and picture-in-picture by default. The last feature is probably one of the more exciting ones.

Because it will open the ability to view multiple floating video windows while still being able to interact with other applications. Keep in mind that apps still have to be sourced from the Amazon app store. Therefore, the wider range of apps from the Google Play Store cannot be installed or used on Windows 11. At least not without using third-party software. You still need something like Bluestacks.

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