MIUI 13 will be released at the end of this year. Does your phone support this update?

MIUI 13 will be released at the end of this year. In accordance with past practice, MIUI 13 usually conducts public beta first, and then pushes the stable version update. We know that Xiaomi will release its annual flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 in December, which is expected to become one of the first flagships of MIUI 13 early adopters.

At present, Xiaomi’s latest operating system is MIUI 12.5 enhanced version, and it is expected that Xiaomi Mi 12 will be pre-installed with this version of the system. Compared with the previous version, MIUI 12.5 enhanced version greatly improves the user experience.

Specifically, MIUI 12.5 enhanced version mainly made four major upgrades, including liquid storage, atomic memory, focus calculation and intelligent balance.


1. Liquid storage

MIUI 12.5 enhanced version can monitor the degree of fragmentation with high sensitivity, and the efficiency of defragmentation is increased by 60%. According to Xiaomi’s official test data, the Xiaomi 11 Pro laboratory simulation test shows that the read and write attenuation is less than 5% after 36 months of use.

2. Atomic memory

Atomic memory is a kind of ultra-fine memory management that splits application memory, gives priority to ending unimportant tasks, and refines and compresses memory usage. Taking the Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition as an example, the background resident capacity is increased by 64%.

3. Focus calculation

Focus computing smoothly and comprehensively accelerates 51 core scenes. According to scenes, the most obvious processes currently perceived by the user are calculated first, and unimportant applications in the background are suppressed. The CPU usage rate drops by an average of 15%, and the battery is saved by an average of 8%.

4. Smart balance

Smart balance will automatically make the top hardware run in a balanced comfort zone most of the time according to the scene. Taking Xiaomi 11 as an example, the average power consumption will drop by 10%.

In summary, the current MIUI 12.5 enhanced version has greatly improved the user experience. As a major version update of MIUI, MIUI 13 is more worth looking forward to.