There are 9 super practical tips of mobile phone photography, you deserve to get!

1 Use light: backlight, light transmission, rainbow light, shadow light

2 Shoot the same color series: pink series, blue series, green series

3 Picture-in-picture for mobile phones: shooting landscapes, silhouettes, night scenes, city streets, etc.

4 Unconventional angle shooting: overhead shot, side view shot

5 Shooting the same thing: the same thing from different places is very interesting to combine

6 The repetitiveness of shooting things: the same element appears repeatedly, showing a sense of rhythm

7 Raindrops do the foreground: photograph a kind of hazy beauty

8 Get closer to shoot: you can avoid the cluttered environment and make the subject more prominent

9 Frame composition: leaves, doors and windows, caves can all be photographed, you can photograph your creativity