MORPHY RICHARDS juicer cup meets the demand for freshly squeezed and freshly drunk

As people pay more and more attention to the concept of health, nutritious and healthy fresh fruit drinks are gradually accepted by everyone. The pulp separation and juice extraction schemes on the market will lose a lot of nutrients. Stirring juice products are recognized by more friends. The MORPHY RICHARDS juicer cup is exactly this kind of solution, giving users one more choice when purchasing.


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The packaging box of the portable juicer cup is mainly designed in white style, and the color appearance of the product is printed on the front of the packaging box. You can get a preliminary understanding of this product and detailed product information through the graphic introduction on the packaging box. It is also marked on the side area of ​​the box.


After opening the lid of the packaging box of the portable juicer cup, the USB interface charging cable of the product is placed on the top. The magnetic charging method is very interesting. It can be charged by installing it to the power adapter, and it can also be charged by the mobile power supply when going out.


Take out the portable juicer cup from the box, you can see that there is a layer of frosted protective material on the outside, it is recommended that you must first use the instruction manual attached to this product.


The model of the portable juicer cup is MR9600. There are blue, white, and fans for everyone to choose from. The white version of my choice is similar to the common large beverage cup. The motor and battery components built in the lid will have some weight. , The weight in the hand feels acceptable.


The pole of the portable juicer cup is decorated with a water-nickel-plated decorative ring. On the white design style product, this design is quite conspicuous. When paired together, it feels pretty good-looking.


The portable juicer cup uses a silicone cup strap. The toughness and firmness of the cup strap are reassuring. It can save a lot of effort when you pull the cup strap when you go out. There is also a silicone cup cover on the juicer cup, which is simple and beautiful and more comfortable to hold.


The bottom of the portable juicer cup is also designed with a non-slip rubber pad, which can also play a role in maintaining a stable placement on the placement surface. The materials of this juicer cup are all environmentally friendly materials and meet the requirements of food contact management. The MAX 300ML marked at the bottom represents the maximum capacity of this juicer cup.


Although it seems that the portable juicer cup is larger overall, the main unit in the lid occupies some space. The main unit has a built-in charging module and a 1400mAh battery. The instructions remind everyone that it can achieve about 10 cups of juice when fully charged.


The lid of the portable juicer cup has a built-in 50W power motor, but it can achieve an idling rotation speed of about 21000RPM. The hidden design of the double-knife in the cup cover is embedded in the host and rotates at high speed when working, so as to achieve the effect of strong whipping and juice extraction during juice extraction .


The cover and charging stand protection post of the portable juicer reminds users that the product needs to be fully charged before using the product for the first time, and it must be fully charged before being stored when not in use. Long-term storage without power may damage the battery.


The portable juicer cup is charged by a magnetic suction method, one end is connected to the lid magnetic charging base, and the other end is connected to the power adapter. The lid LED lights up red when charging, and lights up white when fully charged. It is recommended to charge for another 4 hours when the battery is fully charged for the first time.


Because there are not many fruits to choose from in this season in the north, I bought pineapples, strawberries, watermelons, and kiwis from the chain fruit supermarket downstairs. When I chose these fruits, I didn’t consider the taste, but just felt that the colors were different. I feel that taking pictures like this will be more beautiful.


Because I don’t know how to handle pineapples, the staff has already peeled and cut pineapples at the time of purchase. The product manual recommends cutting the fruit into 1cm cubes, which can improve the efficiency of rapid mixing. When placing fruits in the juicer cup, you need to see the inner maximum height limit prompt, just don’t exceed it.


When tightening the lid of the portable juicer cup, you need to pay attention to the corresponding point of the lid and the juicer cup, because this product is equipped with a safety protection card. After the cup lid is tightened, there will be magnetic induction, and it will not work if it is not screwed in place, which can avoid the situation that the cutter head is suspended and rotated by accidental touch.


The portable juicer cup only needs to double-click the button to make the host work. If it stops working, you can click it. If you accidentally press or touch the switch, the product will not work at this time. Only the double-click work setting improves the safety of operation.


How can you stir all the fruits in the juicer cup? First of all, we need to invert the cup as a whole while working, and then shake it rhythmically from left to right, so that the portable juicer cup can be stirred more evenly when working.


The working time of the portable juicer cup is 40 seconds each time. As long as this time is fully utilized, any fruit can be stirred very evenly. For the pineapple with more pulp fiber, after rhythmic shaking from side to side, the pineapple pulp will be evenly dispersed in about 30 seconds.


You can see the inside of the lid of the portable juicer cup. The pineapple chunks have been stirred to become pulp puree. This product is designed for waterproofing, so you only need to put it under running water for washing, even if it is placed in the basin for a short time and shakes. Will not affect the built-in motor.


After the pineapple is fully sprinkled in the portable juicer cup, the aroma of the juice is still very obvious. It is more suitable for making smoothies and ice cream ingredients. 


The processed pineapple juice in the portable juicer cup can ensure a high degree of taste reduction during the drinking process. However, because the pulp and fiber taste of this fruit are difficult to distinguish, it feels that there will be some wood in the pulp when drinking, and it feels to match Milk or yogurt will get a better taste.


Strawberry is cream strawberry. If eaten directly, the taste will be soft and sweet. Put the whole strawberry into the cup with a large gap, and you can press it down appropriately. After closing the lid, turn on the main body and shake it upside down for a few times to break up the strawberries and get a more even taste.


The portable juicer cup can fully break up the flesh of the strawberry without any effort. The red flesh and white core can be well integrated, which is indeed very delicious in appearance, but it is recommended that you can do it when processing strawberries Add yogurt, I think it tastes better.


Although cream strawberry is chosen to enhance the taste, the juice is full of grassy flavor, and the taste is not as delicious as strawberry fruit. If you want to make a mixed juice, it can be used as an ingredient to enhance the taste or be decorated in color.


It can be said that the portable juicer cup is the most efficient to process watermelon. After the host starts to work, basically after a few swings, the watermelon juice with very uniform juice can be obtained. Drinking watermelon juice with the pulp will feel even better. The child does not refuse watermelon juice.


When using a portable juicer to process kiwi, first peel it and then cut it into chunks. After shaking it upside down a few times, it can be completely crushed.


During the period of using the portable juicer cup, because of the safety switch design, even children can use it easily. After use, it can be washed directly with water. The lid and cup will be clean after a few simple rinses. You can continue to use it after drying.


The portable juicer cup with British streamlined creative design has a neat and elegant appearance. In addition to fruit juice, you can also add yogurt and cow milk to make fruit smoothies, fruit milk and other drinks. If you like to drink smoothies, you can also The ice cubes are easily broken, and it is also quite good to make cold drinks in summer. In general, it can adapt to various use environments and needs. You can complete the fresh fruit squeezing experience once, and you can squeeze and drink as you go. What do you think of such a product that you just need in daily life?

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