Motorola G71 and G51 5G were exposed, or will be released at the end of October!

Recently, the veteran mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has made many moves. After the economical Moto E40 was released, Motorola has carried out a round of updates for the G series mobile phones.

Although there is no official announcement from the company yet, we have seen the recently exposed Motorola G Pure through foreign media, followed by the addition of Moto G71 and G51.


In particular, the information was found in FCC documents, and its model is XT2169-1, so the credibility is quite high. It is guessed that the codename of the previous “Corfu” mobile phone is G71.

It is reported that G71 is a 5G mobile phone that supports dual SIM cards and n5, n7, n66, n77 and n78 5G frequency bands.

Equipped with an MC300 series charger and a 5000 mAh NG50 battery pack, and the G71 will also support NFC, and may have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, because the FCC document mentions the Motorola MH191 headset, which is bundled with the package and the phone.

As for Moto G51 5G, it recently appeared on GeekBench, and there is not much information disclosed at present.

It may use the Snapdragon 750G chip, and 4GB of memory, running Android 11.

Although I haven’t heard any news about the potential release date of the two phones, G71 5G and G51 5G, it is speculated that they will be officially announced at the end of October.