My portable camera is the iPhone 12 Pro at hand

Which phone is the best for taking pictures?

This is a question that I am often asked but difficult to answer. Some people value high pixels, some people value telephoto, some people value DXO scores, and some people value whether you can take satisfactory photos with just one click.

Take my iPhone 12 Pro as an example. Its lens is only 52mm long and the sensor is only 12 million pixels. It can’t take pictures of the moon, nor can it be used as a microscope, but these are not what I value. It’s better to ask yourself what you want to take.

Photographers often say that the best camera is this one at hand.


By exploiting the strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and discovering the value of the equipment around you, the iPhone is definitely a great camera. 

These photos are all taken by iPhone 12 Pro.