Teach you to make the same Butterbeer in Harry Potter!

Is Harry Potter, which is popular all over the world, your childhood memory? The wonderful and interesting magical world is also the place that everyone yearns for! And you must have heard of the Butterbeer in the wizarding world! It is the internet celebrity drink in the magic world! In the novel, Butterbeer has a very low alcohol content. A glass of Butterbeer will not have much influence on adults and children, but because many Harry Potter fans in the real world are minors, so the Butterbeer sold in Universal Studios is also non-alcoholic Butterbeer. Today, I would like to teach you to make your own Butterbeer at home.



Ingredients: 100g brown sugar, 50g butter, 150g cream, a pinch of salt, a few drops of lemon juice, a can of soda water.



1. First, make the Butterscotch, put the brown sugar in the pot.


2. Add a small amount of water (the amount of water is half of the brown sugar), heat over medium-to-low heat, and stir evenly until the syrup starts to bubble densely.



3. Turn to low heat and add butter.


4. Squeeze the lemon juice and stir until the butter melts.


5. After the butter has melted, pour the cream, add a little salt to neutralize the sweetness, stir quickly after adding, and boil until the surface of the boil is bubbling.



6. Put the cooked Butterscotch into a glass jar for use.


7. Next, prepare to whip the cream, the amount of cream is small, so you can choose to whip the cream manually. Whip the cream until 80 percent to make it has a little fluidity.


8. Add a large spoon of Butterscotch just made and stir evenly.



9. Add some Butterscotch to the cup and then add Cream Soda (soda water with creamy flavor), if you don’t have it, you can add your favorite soda as well.



10. Soda water and syrup will produce foam when mixed together, which looks like beer.

11. Finally, put the cream on the top of the drink, so it looks more like beer foam!


If you want to drink the alcohol version, you can use beer instead of soda, the other steps are the same! Make your own Butterbeer at home and revisit the classic Harry Potter series by the way!