Nikon will release firmware version 1.10 for the Z 7II and Z 6II microcameras on February 25th

Nikon has announced that the firmware version 1.10 for the Z 7II and Z 6II full-frame microsingle-camera will be released on February 25th.The biggest highlight is that firmware version 1.10 will support the addition of 4K UHD / 60p (* 1) in the Z 6II video recording (camera recording) option.


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Also, with the firmware version 1.10 update, the Z 7II and Z 6II’s eye detection autofocus (AF) performance will be enhanced.Even if the subject’s face is smaller than that of the 1.00 version, it can still be detected, making the shooting operation smoother and more stable.

At the same time support Z 7II and Z 6II using Blackmagic Design recording equipment (*4) (*5) RAW video output (*2) (*3), and can be in Blackmagic RAW format and Prores RAW two formats of RAW video recording (*6).

Firmware version 1.10 will be compatible with more recording formats and support multiple video recording workflows to meet the higher recording needs of professionals.

In addition, the ISO Settings and color temperature controls added in Apple’s Final Cut Pro software versions 10.4.9 and later are supported for ProRaw videos recorded to the Atomos Ninja V recording device.Extensible video editing options when using Final Cut Pro software.

If you have purchased RAW video output capability for your camera, updating to firmware version 1.10 will automatically add RAW video recording capability for Blackmagic Design recording devices.(* 5)

*1 If this option is selected, the image area will be fixed to the DX-based video format and the video quality will be fixed to “Standard”.

*2 The RAW video output function can be opened through Nikon after-sales service center (paid).

*3 When using the Z 7II, you can record full HD RAW video in the FX based movie format and 4K Ultra HD RAW video in the DX based movie format.When using the Z 6II, both FX and DX-based movie formats can be used to record 4K Ultra HD or full HD RAW video.

*4Atomos Ninja V and now Blackmagic Video Assist 5 “12G HDR and Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 12G HDR record Nikon Raw Video in Prores Raw or Blackmagic Raw formats, respectively.The operation of the loaned equipment other than the loaned equipment mentioned above is not guaranteed.(Until February 18, 2021).

*5 Blackmagic Design plans to release software updates that add support for Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II to support recording of Blackmagic RAW on Video Assist 12G models.

*6 RAW video output does not support 4K UHD/60p.

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