Nokia’s sincere work: true wireless Bluetooth headset P3600

As a digital blogger born in the 80s and 90s, Nokia is my youth and has accompanied me through the wonderful university time. The earliest Nokia mobile phone I used was 5200, and I also used N81 after that, full of memories. Although it was acquired, I still hope to revive the previous glory. The new year is here, I bought myself a new year gift, I chose Nokia’s latest true wireless Bluetooth headset P3600, Nordic style, ring iron, APTX decoding, Qualcomm flagship core, full of sincerity. So I got it for a while, and today I will talk to you about its specific feelings.


First of all, let’s briefly talk about appearance. The battery box of the Nokia P3600 is a bit different from the previous version. This time it incorporates a more Nordic style. The main color is changed to a metallic color with a black middle frame. Although it’s not amazing, it is also kind of attractive. The surface is made of matte aluminum alloy, which is very comfortable to touch. However, it is more prone to scratches, so pay special attention to it in normal use.


The battery box, as always, uses the mainstream Type-C interface, which can be said to be the standard configuration of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Unfortunately, the Nokia P3600 does not support wireless charging. Fortunately, fast charging and long battery life are quite good.


Let’s open the battery box and take a look. The main body of the Nokia P3600 headset is insight. The black main color and metallic battery box are more coordinated, the piano paint process is full of texture, and the headset is more stable. Currently only black can be selected, it is estimated that other versions will be launched later, looking forward to other colors such as white and pink.


Nokia P3600 uses 2 contacts to charge inside the headset battery box. When the headset is put in, it will automatically fit and adsorb and charge. There is an indicator light outside the battery box, so users can know the charging status at any time. It is marked with “L” and “R” beside it, so don’t worry about getting it wrong.


As for the operation, the mainstream touch operation is adopted, and different functions can be realized by tapping. The operation is not complicated. Coupled with the lightweight, there is no feeling of wearing it for a long time. Put it in the battery box when you don’t use it, you can easily put it in your pocket!


The in-ear deflection catheter is also the most mature solution at present. Although the surface design is well-defined, the surroundings of the body are rounded. During the in-ear wearing process, there will be no backlog on the ears. This is because the ergonomic design is fully considered and can satisfy most people. Comfortable and not easy to drop after wearing.


In terms of hardware, Nokia P3600 uses Qualcomm’s flagship chip QCC3040, which is also Qualcomm’s latest chip and supports Bluetooth 5.2. Compared with the previous Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0, the biggest feeling is that even if the mobile phone and the headset are farther away, it can be heard clearly, and the game is more smooth.


As a major international manufacturer, Nokia’s sound quality has always been trustworthy, and this time it did not disappoint everyone! Nokia P3600 adopts a ring iron design, a custom-made unit, 8mm titanium alloy composite diaphragm, and APTX decoding, which has a higher resolution and rich layering.



Another thing I particularly like is CVC call noise reduction. Nokia P3600 provides a beamforming directional field during voice calls, which can effectively suppress environmental noise and bring high-fidelity call quality. Even if it is used in noisy streets, subways, and buses, etc., it can maintain clear call quality. But having said that, it would be better if it supports active noise reduction.


Regarding battery life, I played music through Bluetooth transmission, the volume was set at 60%, and the actual continuous playback time was nearly 6 hours, which was consistent with the official data. With a battery box, it can provide up to 3124 hours of battery life, plus a good fast charge, don’t worry about the battery. If you listen to songs for 3-4 hours a day, you can spend a week, which can fully satisfy your daily use.