Only Digital Display Can Tell You the True Battery Left-Experience on TRNT300

Recently, I was lucky to get a pair of TWS Bluetooth headset — TRN T300, which is relatively new in technology. After a few days of trial, I couldn’t wait to share some experience with you. Without further talk, let’s get down to business.



The TRN T300 earphone charging case is wrapped by a black cushioning sponge. The sponge is elastic and has a good shockproof effect.In the other black paper box, there is a Type-C charging cable and two silicone earplugs of different sizes.



Open after charging box, TRN T300 two of the most brilliant design point occurs, is a digital display power, according to previous TWS is expressed with little light to electricity, and TRN T300 is USES the LED digital display, can display the current electricity absolutely, also can show the battery status about each of the headphones, it’s much more intuitive than most of the headset design.


Another striking feature is the shape of the earphone, which is very similar to the earphone used in the pop star concert. The concave part of the top is printed with the logo of TRN. This part is the multi-function touch control area of the earphone.

There is also an MIC hole on the earphone, an LED indicator light, and a three-pin charging port on the back.

Using Experience


TRN T300 earphone’s touch control area has a variety of control methods, here is a simple list, reading this article so you do not have to read the instructions:

1. Power on and match: Open the charging box, the headset will start automatically, pair the left and right ears, and connect the device automatically;

2. To answer and hang up the phone: double-click the left ear or the right ear;

3. Play/pause: When playing the audio, double-click the left and right ears;

4. Call for mobile phone voice assistant: three clicks on left and right ears;

5, volume increase or decrease: four clicks on the left ear to reduce the volume, four clicks on the right ear to increase the volume;

6. Up-down switch: long press the left ear for one song in two seconds, long press the right ear for the next song in two seconds;


In terms of sound quality, TRN T300 adopts a dual magnetic dynamic unit of 8mm inside the earphone, so it performs better in terms of low and medium frequencies. Intermediate frequency transition is very smooth. Low frequency restores details at the same time.


At the same time, TRN T300 also applied two 30019 high frequency moving iron, specially reinforcing the high frequency, but the scale was just right.

It is because of this combination that this earphone has a high audio resolution and transparency, which brings me a relatively ideal sound quality performance from the subjective feeling.


In terms of calling, TRN T300 is equipped with the latest Qualcomm QCC3046 chip, which is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. The signal transmission distance and stability are greatly improved compared with the 5.1 version, and the stable and clear signal can be heard almost 15 meters away from the audio source.


With the application of QCC3040 chips, TRN T300 support aptx hd transmission technology, audio signal saturation and SBC increased 1.5 times than traditional ACC, which can transmit more details,  suggesting that TRN brand of related components adjustment strength reached the better level.


TRN T300 supports CVC8.0 call noise reduction technology. When making a call, it will be turned on automatically. In noisy streets, the call quality can be relatively clear, and the noise of car horn can hardly be heard.When you answer the phone, the voice coming from the other side is quite clear and there is no noise disturbing.



TRN T300 earphone itself also supports IPX5 level waterproof, which can have better waterproof performance during daily exercise or raining, wireless and wired dual charging mode are all supported, with 660mAh battery capacity, so that the battery life has reached an amazing 72 hours, basically can be charged once a week.I was most pleased with its LED digital power display, which is much more realistic than headphones that use an indicator light to indicate power.