Parrot will launch the Anafi AI drone supporting 4G network connection this year

The current drone connection control basically relies on the wireless network signal between the remote control and the drone for control, but this brings a limitation of the control distance, the longer the distance, the greater the possibility of signal loss. If you want to achieve longer-distance flight control, you must use other connection methods to control drones. In this field, drones will bring new changes. According to news, European drone manufacturer Parrot will launch a drone that supports a 4G network connection.

It is understood that this drone is called Anafi AI, and it will be officially released in the second half of this year. If nothing happens, it will be the first product that enables drones and remote controls to be connected and paired through a 4G network. , As long as there is a 4G signal base station nearby, the drone can maintain the connection and control to achieve an over-the-horizon flight experience, even if the drone flies over obstacles such as trees and houses, it will not lose the connection.


In terms of configuration, Anafi AI’s camera uses a 1/2-inch 48-megapixel Bayer array image sensor, an equivalent focal length of 24mm, a fixed aperture of f/2.0, and a 73º field of view. The camera can record H.265 encoding. The 4K60P format supports the HDR10 standard. It also provides a P-Log configuration file. It can also support 6x digital zoom when shooting, 4x lossless zoom can be achieved in 1080p format, and 2x lossless zoom in 4K format.


At the same time, the drone adopts a folding design, the weight is 898g, it can continue to fly for 32 minutes, the maximum flying speed is 16m/s, it can withstand wind speeds of 13m/s, and it has an obstacle avoidance system to enhance flight safety.


Since we are now in the era of transition from 4G network to 5G network, the emergence of this drone that supports 4G network inevitably means that there will be drones supporting 5G network in the future. At that time, the flight distance of drones that support the 5G network will be controlled. It will also bring a better flight experience, but I don’t know when DJI products will be able to add this feature.