Perfect match for iPhone 12! Check out all you wanna know about the MagSafe Battery Pack released by Apple!

The new MagSafe battery pack was launched on Apple’s official website. It is suitable for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the price is $99. The MagSafe battery pack and iPhone can be charged at the same time.

Apple said that by plugging the Lightning cable into the MagSafe battery pack, 15W wireless charging can be achieved. If a 20W charger is used, the charging speed of MagSafe battery pack and iPhone will be faster.

Apple recommends using a 20W or higher power adapter to charge the MagSafe battery pack.


Now, I will show you the details of the MagSafe battery pack.

The MagSafe battery pack adopts a rectangular design, the liquid silicone material is similar to the official phone case, and there is an Apple logo on the back. But for some reason, Apple only introduced the white color, not all colors.

It has a width that matches the shape of the iPhone‌, and fits the back of the iPhone 12‌, 12 mini, 12 Pro, or 12 Pro Max, and can be adsorbed to provide additional power. For different iPhones, the location of the MagSafe battery pack is actually a little different. For example, the smallest size Phone 12 mini, the battery pack occupies almost the entire rear of the iPhone 12 mini‌ under the camera module, while for other iPhones, some edge position will be vacant.

The MagSafe battery pack will charge the iPhone 12‌ series with a power of 5W. The power is a bit conservative. Apple may have considered heat dissipation in doing so.

Because of the Qi-standard wireless charging method, in theory, the MagSafe battery pack can also be used in other Android phones that support wireless charging, but it cannot be magnetically attracted.

The MagSafe battery pack has a Lightning interface, which can be charged via a wired method, but it is more noteworthy that the iPhone can also charge the MagSafe battery pack reversely wirelessly. For example, the iPhone 12 is charging through a wired connection, and the MagSafe battery pack is placed behind it. The phone will charge the battery pack. When charging the iPhone‌ and MagSafe battery pack at the same time, ‌iPhone‌ takes precedence, and the MagSafe battery pack will not be charged until the phone itself is charged to more than 80%.


Apple said that this usage scenario is when the iPhone ‌ 12 is plugged into another device, such as when driving, the wired CarPlay is connected to the iPhone ‌, and the MagSafe battery pack is also charged by the way.

Apple did not provide the specific capacity of the MagSafe battery pack. However, some media mentioned that it has a built-in 7.62V, 11.13Wh battery module, which is converted to 1460mAh (note that this is based on the calculation of 7.62V).

In contrast, the battery life of the iPhone 12 mini is about 2200 mAh, the battery of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is 2800 mAh, and the battery of the 12 Pro Max is about 3600mAh.

Wireless charging based on the Qi standard is not efficient and will lose some battery capacity. Therefore, it is not entirely clear how much the MagSafe battery pack will charge the iPhone 12, especially since the charging capacity may vary depending on the temperature.

A rough calculation is that the MagSafe battery pack can provide a full charge for the iPhone 12 mini‌, but it can only provide a partial charge for the remaining iPhone 12 models.


The power level of the MagSafe battery pack can be viewed in the battery widget, which can be placed on the main screen or viewed through the Today view. The power level of the MagSafe battery pack will be displayed next to iPhone‌, Apple Watch, AirPods, and other connected accessories (After all, it’s official).

The MagSafe battery pack has a built-in charge management feature, which is designed to help keep the battery healthy even when it is connected to the power source for a long time.

Apple said that the iPhone 12 may become hot while charging. If this happens, in order to extend the service life of the battery, the software may limit the charging to more than 80% (that is, to avoid continuing to charge and heat, which is generally not).

When charging the iPhone‌ with a MagSafe battery pack, users may receive a notification stating that the iPhone‌ can only charge up to 90%. To charge more than 90%, Apple recommends opening the control center, press and hold the low battery mode icon, and then tap on “Continue.”