Apple Watch 7 removes the diagnostic interface and becomes a full wireless product

Apple Watch 7 has become a “full wireless” product. There are no wired interfaces everywhere in its body, and data transmission is performed entirely wirelessly.

Last night, various media released Apple Watch 7 evaluations one after another. Compared with the previous generation, the obvious improvement of this product is that it has a larger screen and faster charging.

Another place that is extremely difficult to find is that the contacts hidden in the strap interface are gone. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) documents show that Apple Watch Series 7 is equipped with a new module that can realize 60.5GHz wireless data transmission.

This module has not been introduced on Apple’s official website, and is only for Apple’s internal use.


In previous generations of Apple Watch, a small cover was hidden in the strap interface. After opening, there are several contacts, which are the diagnostic port of the watch. Apple has a dedicated repair cable inside.

There is no diagnostic interface on the Apple Watch Series 7 model, which may explain the reason for adding a 60.5GHz wireless data transmission module.

FCC documents indicate that the module will only be activated when the Apple Watch is placed on a corresponding proprietary magnetic base.

It is also worth noting that the Series 7 model has IP6X dust resistance, so removing the diagnostic interface may help to some extent.