Apple’s new product launch conference in spring is expected to be held on March 16th


According to reports from foreign players, Apple will hold a spring new product launch on March 16. At this press conference, the new generation of iPad and iPad mini will receive major upgrades.


The most noteworthy of this conference should be the brand new iPad mini6! Since its birth in 2012, the design of the iPad mini series has not changed for 19 years. This time, iPad mini6 will be upgraded in all aspects of appearance, screen and hardware configuration:

Introducing a full-screen design: Just like the iPad Air4, the mini series follows the trend of the times. After upgrading to a full-screen form, the screen of the iPad mini6 will expand to 8.4 inches, with a screen ratio of over 90%. But the length and width of the body is only 195×126.6mm, which is smaller than the 203×134.8mm of the iPad mini5.

A14 processor: iPad mini6 will use the same A14 processor as iPad Air4. Compared with iPad mini5, A12 can be said to be upgraded for the second generation.

OLED screen: iPad mini6 will use a hybrid OLED panel that is thinner than ordinary OLED panels. According to information disclosed by a third-party accessory supplier, the iPad mini6 is not a side fingerprint, but an under-screen fingerprint, which also fits the characteristics of an OLED screen.


Of course, in addition to the iPad mini6, the new iPad also has something to pay attention to. It is very likely that Apple will launch a new generation of iPad Pro with mini LED screen at this spring conference. This means that the new iPad Pro will not only bring better visual effects, but also the battery life performance will be greatly improved (does not rule out maintaining the existing battery life and making the product thinner).

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