Telesin selfie stick helps you control the beauty of selfies freely

Taixun’s carbon fiber selfie stick has a black spray process on the whole body. The material is made of high-strength carbon fiber material like a fishing rod. It performs very well in terms of compression resistance and shock absorption stability. If you want to use it as a fishing rod, there is no problem.

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In order to facilitate carrying, the bottom of the selfie stick is equipped with a portable lanyard, which can be hung up when not in use.


The bottom of the selfie stick is a metal 1/4 threaded cap, which can be connected to a tripod to take fixed time-lapse photography. 


The top of the selfie stick is a 1/4 screw interface, which can be connected to a mobile phone holder or an SLR camera through this threaded interface, which can achieve multiple uses.

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In order to ensure that the shaft is strong and light, the Telesin carbon fiber selfie stick is made of 8 layers of carbon fiber cloth at high temperatures. The fish pattern and streamlined torque type carbon fiber arrangement are more rigid and durable. The strength is increased by 40%, which is one-third lighter than the traditional aluminum alloy selfie stick.


The surface of the selfie shaft is wrapped with a matt anti-scratch webbing to make the product more durable. It can be used at will without any corrosion to the shaft. But it is recommended to wash it with clean water after use.


Telesin selfie stick has 4 kinds of adjustable conventional length (55cm contracted state, 120cm stretched two sections, 200cm stretched four sections, 270cm fully stretched), you can freely adjust it according to your needs when you use it, the longest stretch is around 2.7 meters, the shooting field of view is wider, which is a boon for friends who like to play outdoor live broadcast.


Each section of the Telesin selfie stick is designed with two anti-slip rubber rings. Each time you extend and retract one section, you need to rotate it counterclockwise. When you retract the lever, you need to rotate it clockwise. Pushing and pulling directly is very laborious.


This selfie stick is a good option for friends who like to shoot outdoors. The high cost performance brings you endless fun and is worth having.

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