Photos of Realme Race are suspected to be exposed

It was previously reported that Realme will soon release its new flagship Realme Race, which will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. It is also expected to launch 125W fast charging technology, which is likely to make it the flagship smartphone with the highest fast-charging power in the industry.

Realme Race will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 mobile platform

Now that the product release date is getting closer and closer, some netizens have exposed photos of the suspected real machine of Realme Race on social media. Judging from the picture, Realme Race uses a single hole design, the hole is located in the upper left corner, and the back uses a matrix lens module. The appearance design meets our expectations. In addition, the back of the phone also has the word GT, maybe this also means that Realme Race will focus on the ultimate speed.


It is understood that the Realme Race series is inherited from the OPPO Ace series. This mobile phone inherits the hardware configuration and software optimization of the OPPO Ace series that are biased towards gaming products. Of course, Realme Race is not just a gaming phone. Judging from the exposed photos, the thickness of the new phone is well controlled, so you can feel a good hand feel in daily use.

Previously, Xu Qi, president of Realme China, once posted that the Realme Race series will be officially unveiled after the Chinese New Year. This mobile phone will also become the first flagship product of Realme in 2021.