Price is $740! iPad mini 6 Pro: Upgrade to 120Hz high refresh screen, ROM starts from 128GB!

In the same field as the iPhone 13 series, Apple released the iPad mini 6 also equipped with the A15 processor in September this year.

However, it seems that it is about to usher in an upgraded version.

According to industry sources, Samsung has begun to supply Apple with a new iPad mini display panel, which is 8.3 inches like the current model, but the refresh rate has been increased from 60Hz to 120Hz (ProMotion).

As Apple currently only uses the 120Hz ProMotion dynamic refresh rate for Pro series tablets, mobile phones and Mac computers, the news expert FrontTron said that Apple is considering naming it iPad mini 6 Pro.


In addition, after the refresh rate is increased, it may solve the jelly screen problem reported by some iPad mini 6 users, that is, the slide does not follow the hand.

In other respects, the iPad mini 6 Pro is still A15 processor, 4GB RAM, but the initial storage is increased to 128GB.

However, the current price of the 64GB Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini 6 has reached US$584, and the iPad mini 6 Pro will obviously be more expensive, even on par with the iPad Air 4 (64GB) of US$740.