Priced at $430! Apple released a limited edition Beats Studio3 noise-canceling headphones!

Apple today released a new limited edition Beats Studio3, its ACW|Beats Studio3 Wireless earphones launched by Samuel Ross’s A-Cold-Wall and Beats by Dr. Dre have active noise reduction.

It will bring you an immersive sound experience.

This collaboration adds a speckled muddy gray to the iconic Beats Studio3 Wireless earphone streamline design, while covering the earphones and ear pads.

The ACW logo and agate stripe extend down from the side, and the color matching with the sandstone inside the headband brings color contrast and graphic refinement to the headset.

The packaging of Beats Studio3 uses wood fiber raw materials from recycled materials or responsibly managed forests.

The outer box and the elegant recessed belt are made of recycled fibers to promote resource conservation and strengthen environmental awareness.