Wondering what’s the difference between iOS and Harmony OS? Look at here!

1. Start differently

Since iOS was released in 2007, it has ushered in 14 iterations, becoming a very mature operating system;

Harmony OS began planning in 2012, and some Harmony OS 2.0 started testing at the end of last year, and some ordinary mobile phone users started internal testing in April this year.

2. The scope of application is different

The iOS system is currently only used on Apple devices;

Harmony OS will be applied on “1+8+N”, 1 is a smart phone, 8 is other devices (sports health, wearable, AR, VR, smart large screen, smart audio, etc.), and N is a large number of loT devices .

3. Different degrees of openness

iOS is a closed source system, only iPhone and iPod Touch can be used

Harmony OS is an open source system and has begun to build a platform for many third-party manufacturers and developers. At present, home appliances of Midea, Joyoung and other brands have joined.

4. The number of software ecosystems is different

iOS has more than tens of millions of developers providing software for its platform

Although Harmony OS supports most of the Android applications, there are still a small number of applications developed specifically for Harmony OS.

5. Different missions

The significance of iOS is to provide a stable and smooth experience and a complete ecosystem for iPhones, and it is also one of the most important money-making tools.

Harmony OS carries Huawei’s next breakthrough. At present, from the chip to the system and even other technologies are restricted

Harmony OS, which aims at the Internet of Everything, is Huawei’s new foothold.