Redmi K40 can predict earthquakes and issue warnings more than ten seconds in advance!

At 16:06 pm on April 16, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Luanzhou, Tangshan City, Hebei Province (39.75 degrees north latitude, 118.71 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 9 kilometers.

According to the China Earthquake Network, the epicenter is 47 kilometers away from Tangshan City, 150 kilometers away from Tianjin City, and 198 kilometers away from Beijing. The three places have very obvious tremors.

After the earthquake, a netizen posted a message on Weibo to express his gratitude to Xiaomi and MIUI. He said that his Redmi K40 issued an earthquake warning more than ten seconds in advance and gave a crazy alert in the study room.


Although the magnitude of the earthquake was low and did not cause too many casualties, it can be seen from the earthquake’s early warning effect. In a high-intensity earthquake, if an early warning can be issued more than ten seconds in advance, it can give the people time to avoid danger and may save thousands of lives.

It is reported that Xiaomi officially launched this function in 2019, and is equipped with related earthquake early warning systems on mobile phones, TVs, and other products. Xiaomi has therefore become the world’s first operating system level mobile phone + consumer AIoT platform to access earthquake early warning. 

It should be noted that the official stated that earthquake early warning is not a prediction, but the principle that radio waves propagate faster than seismic waves after an earthquake occurs. Before the destructive seismic waves reach the target area, they will quickly send a few seconds to dozens of seconds to the affected area. Seconds of early warning alarm to gain time for disaster avoidance and reduce casualties and secondary disasters.

I also remind the majority of netizens that if you receive an earthquake warning on your mobile phone or TV, you must pay attention to it. Even if it is only a low-intensity earthquake, you can avoid all kinds of losses by avoiding danger in time, and you must not take it lightly.