Two customized exclusive game accessories for Redmi K40 have been exposed

This morning, Xiaomi Vice President Lu Weibing once again warmed up the new Redmi K40 series to be released tomorrow night. He said that the new K40 is not only a true flagship phone but also a flagship game phone. In addition to being equipped with Snapdragon 888 and the whole series equipped with an E4 direct screen and supporting 120Hz high brush, the audio and video also support Dolby Atmos and dual Hi-Res gold standard. In addition, in terms of game optimization, it will be kept confidential for the time being and will be announced tomorrow night.


In addition, two customized exclusive game accessories were announced. The first is the Big Devil Shoulder Button, which is specially designed for matching first-person shooting games. It has a split design. The function mapping can be set freely, which is comparable to handheld control. The left and right distances are adjustable and it adapts to a variety of hand shapes comprehensively.


The second accessory is the e-sports ice-cool back clip, which has a 60-second temperature drop to ensure the stable and high-energy output of the game. Stay tuned for the Redmi K40 dual flagship launch event tomorrow night.