Redmi K50 flagship configuration: support 160MHz WiFi 6, Bluetooth and WiFi do not interfere with each other

On March 17, Redmi will bring a new flagship K50 series, which is expected to have three models, equipped with Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 9000.

Among them, the Dimensity 9000 on the Redmi K50 Pro+ is slightly stronger than the Snapdragon 8 on the single-core CPU, while the multi-core is a direct rolling lead, making it the strongest Android.

In addition to top performance, other flagship configurations of the Redmi K50 are also full.


According to the latest official news, the K50 supports 160MHz WiFi 6, which is double the speed of 80MHz! Moreover, the new isolation design of Bluetooth and WiFi does not interfere with each other! This means playing games with a Bluetooth headset without worrying about WiFi network lag.

In terms of sound quality, the K50 series is equipped with high-quality stereo dual speakers, which claim to allow both ears to feel the shocking sense of sound. It also supports Dolby Atmos for a high-end immersive sound experience. Hi-Res double gold certification, wireless + wired headphones, excellent sound quality.

Based on the above and previous information, the new Redmi K50 integrates dual-frequency GPS, WiFi 6, NFC, infrared remote control, X-axis motor, dual speakers… Has the most comprehensive flagship experience in the history of Redmi.