[RedTom Morning Post]: Apple is expected to release M2 chip next year

The new Apple M1 products have left a deep impression on us with their outstanding performance and power consumption, and Apple will release a new generation of M2 chip for the first time on next year’s MacBook, with even stronger performance!

According to previous news, Apple will release a new-generation M2 chip on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with a new design in September this year, but some confirmations later showed that the new MacBook Pro is only equipped with an M1x chip that sus a lightly upgraded version of the M1, the overall change is not big.

However, according to the latest news, Apple will not release the iterative version of the M2 chip until next year, which will be a larger upgrade than the current M1.


It is worth mentioning that the whistleblower revealed that the M2 chip is expected to be carried by the colorful version of the MacBook Air, which is also consistent with the previously exposed news.

According to previous news, Apple will carry out a major upgrade to the MacBook Air next year. In addition to performance improvements, the appearance will also undergo major changes. The overall design language is very similar to the new iMac, and the color scheme is almost the same.


Some time ago, overseas institutions exposed the rendering of the new MacBook Air, showing the appearance design of the machine, which showed that the machine will synchronize the body design of the current iPhone 12 and iMac. The overall frame adopts a right-angle scheme, and the left and right sides are equipped with a USB-C specification interface.