Samsung Galaxy Z Fold concept design has been exposed, be the first one to see it!

At present, Samsung is actively preparing for the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding screens to be launched this summer, but the company has obviously not given up on brewing more appearances. For example, in this patent description, the display area of ​​the main screen in the middle of the device is almost the sum of the secondary screens on both sides.

In terms of the stylus, it has always been an exclusive benefit of the Galaxy Note series. But earlier this year, Samsung has introduced support for the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in mid-2021 will also inherit its mantle.


What’s more interesting is that this tri-fold screen device can be used to store the S Pen at the seam by magnetic attraction in the storage state (turn the secondary screens on both sides to the back). In addition, if the device does not handle the full-folding mode, the standard wireless charging mode can also be enabled for the stylus.

As for the advantages of doing this, first of all, Samsung does not have to waste precious body space and take into account a certain degree of storage security. The second is that the manufacturer can flexibly set the S Pen as an optional accessory to give a lower suggested retail price.


In terms of taking pictures, Samsung has envisioned a double-dot front camera and two embedded sensors for this tri-fold mobile device.

There are two horizontally arranged cameras on the back and LED flash, and the patent document mentions a piezoelectric speaker placed under the flexible screen.

As for whether and when this concept device will be launched, it is currently unknown.