Samsung has introduced the ‘HDR10+ Adaptive’ tech to 2021 smart TV

Not long ago, the Samsung has released the detailed article detailing the HDR10+ standard, which reveals all the new 4K TVs in 2021 supports this standard and HDR10+ Adaptive technology that automatically adjusts brightness and hue according to the ambient light.

The company said that the HDR10+ is a free and open standard that can be used by any display device vendor. It can also help video content creators to provide flexible color grading and mapping curves to show better pictures.

Adding to this, the company claims that the HDR10+ adaptive display technology collects information from ambient light through sensors to improve the viewing experience at home. On the 2021 Neo QLED TV, it can also use the AI ​​artificial intelligence engine for better color adjustments in real-time.


Samsung revealed that currently, it has 120 partners and thousands of different devices on the market that are supporting this technology. At the same time, there are over 3,100 TVs from around 20 manufacturers that support HDR10+ standards.

Lastly, Samsung pointed out that Amazon, Prime Video, Google-YouTube, Rakuten TV, Paramount+, and other global platforms supported the HDR10+ technology. Currently, there are 2000+ videos that support HDR10+, which users can watch.