Samsung S21 Ultra rendering has been exposed

Recently, Samsung’s exposure rate is pretty high. I believe many of you have seen the images and videos about the Samsung Galaxy S21. Many people are interests in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Besides the powerful configuration, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature the S Pen, which will be the first stylus in Samsung’s Galaxy S series, according to reports. Recently, LetsGoDigital collaborated with designers to create a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with the S Pen. As you can see, the S Pen continues to have design elements, with only one multi-functional physical button on the entire Pen.


Regarding the S Pen, we have to say the Samsung Note series.In 2011, Samsung officially launched Galaxy Note and the first generation S Pen. The combination of these two devices also officially opened the prelude to the stylus for mobile devices.Taking the advantages of smart phones and tablet computers, this is the design concept of Samsung Galaxy Note. One phone and one pen can make consumers experience the feeling like using a notebook.


From the original Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a stylus has become a classic symbol of the series, perhaps unforeseen by Samsung itself.The features, hardware and experience of the S Pen are constantly upgraded with the innovation of the phone. Back to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, a source tells us that the device doesn’t have a built-in storage slot for the S Pen stylus. Instead, it stores the S Pen through a Pen cover and a phone case accessory. Samsung will launch the S21 Ultra in black, silver, followed by brown and blue models.Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 series worldwide on January 14, 2021.