OPPO Reno5 looks perfect: The color of the body can be changed with the light!

If you are a photography enthusiast and looking for a mobile phone that suits you, then you can take a look at this OPPO Reno5 series 5G, which has received a lot of enthusiastic praise after its release! If you are a mobile phone user who has always followed OPPO, you must know the OPPO’s powerful photography function! This time the new OPPO Reno5 series 5G has pushed photography to another peak! The 64MP high-definition four-camera onboard not only leads you to take clear and detailed photos but also brings a big upgrade in video recording! It can help you shoot high-quality and creative blockbusters with one click! The photographic performance is comparable to that of DSLR, even if you go out without a heavy camera, you can still shoot master-level works!


In addition, the appearance of this OPPO Reno5 series 5G is also very amazing! The color will change with the light, and all colors will bloom! It can be said to be the beauty pageant champion in the current mobile phone market! Now I will take you to take a closer look at this newly released and very popular OPPO Reno5 series 5G!

OPPO Reno5 series 5G has once again upgraded in terms of photography functions! It has equipped with a 64MP HD Quad Camera! In addition to giving you a clear and detailed photo experience during the day or night, the new Ultra Night Video, Live HDR Video, and Dual-View Video of video recording enhancements have been introduced! Let you handle all the intricacies of photography in one machine!


The OPPO Reno series, which is famous for its mobile phone photography, after the Reno2 series’ strong video super anti-shake. This time the focus has returned to the improvement of video! It has launched AI Highlight Video, allowing you to shoot bright and clear videos even at night! You can say goodbye to the noise problem of shooting at night! The Ultra Night video algorithm is used to increase the brightness while ensuring details and tones, which means that even if the brightness is increased, there will be no exposure problems! Overcome all the problems of shooting short films at night! It is worth mentioning that the Ultra Night Video of OPPO Reno5 series 5G supports front and rear!

The HDR algorithm is adjusted to reproduce the details of the light and dark parts of the video image so that the phone can shoot the video in the backlit scene while ensuring the details of the face and background! This Live HDR video also supports front and rear at the same time!

OPPO Reno5 5G supports dual video recording. Through dual video front and rear shooting at the same time, you and your friends or family can have more creative frames. You can also use this dual video function to shoot more interactive videos! This dual video supports three modes, split-screen, circle center, and a small square. You can choose the dual video mode you want with your creativity! It’s most suitable for Vlog shooting!

An OPPO phone that focuses on portrait photography, now it has developed portrait photography technology for video recording! It’s equipped with the AI video beauty function on the front and rear! Whether you are a boy or a girl, you will definitely fall in love with this feature when shooting vlogs or selfie videos!

If you say that video is very powerful! What about taking pictures? ! What’s so special? Of course, there is! OPPO Reno5 series 5G continues the previous generation of night scene neon portraits, AI portraits with color retention (only with OPPO Reno5 pro 5G), ICE engine camera technology, and more! To take beautiful photos, so easy!

In addition, you only need to turn on the night scene neon portrait filter in the portrait photo mode, and you can take one-click night scene portrait photos with a natural blur effect and gorgeous light spots. Whether you are in a bustling city at night or a large party, you can become the focus of the most attention!


The current mobile phone shooting function is not bad, it looks very clear on the mobile phone, but if the photo is moved to the computer to be printed out, the picture quality does not look so clear. However, if you use the OPPO Reno5 series 5G to take pictures, you will not have this problem, because the OPPO Reno5 series 5G with a 64MP main camera lens can easily take ultra-high-definition pictures, and can output up to 108MP Ultra through the Ultra-Resolution calculation function. Clear quality photos can be used to print huge posters of 4.3mx 3.2m size.


The OPPO Reno5 series 5G with ICE engine improves the ability of focus tracking, and subsequently improves the photography performance when shooting moving objects or capturing scenes! Simply put, even if your subject is moving! The picture will not be obscured by the movement of objects!


In addition to the above major photography and shooting functions, the OPPO Reno5 series 5G is also equipped with an exclusive video editing App – the Soloop! Let you easily and quickly create a movie with one click! Edit high-quality videos!


OPPO Reno5 series 5G adopts a single-hole design, and is equipped with a 6.55-inch 90Hz screen, which makes the body texture more delicate and greatly improves the smoothness of playing games! Coupled with the 180Hz screen touch sampling rate, mobile game lovers can definitely play more stable and smoothly in the game, and bring you the most vivid gaming experience! Through the Reno Glow crystal diamond craft design, the fuselage gradually makes it come with a bright flash effect as if holding the Milky Way in the hand, bringing an extraordinary visual feast! At the same time, the Reno5 series has a slim body, only 172 grams! In terms of color matching, Reno5 has Symphony Silver and Starry Night Black to choose from!


In addition, OPPO Reno5 series 5G is also equipped with dual-mode 5G, allowing you to have a fast and stable network connection! With 65W SuperVooc 2.0 fast charging technology, it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge 3400 mAh! ColorOS 11 operating system, new FlexDrop, Three Finger Translate, and Full Scenario game optimization functions! Let your phone handle multiple tasks at the same time! Whether it’s filming or editing, it’s pretty handy!