It may be the first Snapdragon 888 game phone with a built-in fan!

On February 9th news, Nubia President Ni Fei announced that Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6 not only has a built-in fan (probably the industry’s first Snapdragon 888 flagship game phone with a built-in fan) but also a brand new breakthrough in the entire cooling technology solution.


As early as when the Red Magic’s first 5G mobile phone was unveiled, the Red Magic used a brand-new fan and liquid cooling technology. The machine has a built-in high-performance centrifugal fan. With the newly designed permeable air duct, the amount of ventilation and heat exchange volume has increased substantially. Now on the Tencent Red Magic game phone 6, the Red Magic continues to use air-cooled heat dissipation technology, and the heat dissipation scheme has a new breakthrough, which is worth looking forward to.


In addition, the Red Magic cooperates with Tencent, and the two sides have strategic in-depth cooperation. Whether it is from the research and development of mobile game adaptation and optimization, or the help of marketing channels, the Tencent Red Magic game phone 6 that will debut in 2021 will be worth looking forward to.


At present, the machine has obtained 3C certification. There are two options of the standard version and the high-end version. The standard version is equipped with a charger output power of 66W, and the high-end version is equipped with a charger output power of 120W. It will be officially released after the Chinese New Year.