The health monitoring of the Didoe 23 smartwatch has done more than Apple Watch

In fact, speaking of smart watches, people will unconsciously think of Apple Watch, not only because of the excellent design and quality control design of Apple Watch, but also because Apple has integrated the hardware and software ecology that other watches cannot surpass, which is also the reason why Apple Watch has been attracting attention.The addition of blood oxygen monitoring to Apple’s newest Watch 6 has greatly increased its usefulness. Is this an Apple special?Of course not. The DidoE23 blood pressure watch has been added to it as well. What is interesting is that the DidoE23 blood pressure watch has surpassed Apple Watch in health monitoring.


Like most smart watches, the DidoE23 blood pressure watch has a rounded exterior and metal design, which improves wear resistance.With a 1.3-inch OLED screen, the resolution is 240 by 240.



The DIDOE 23 blood pressure watch comes with a leather strap and a magnetic suction charger.



From the actual market feedback, health data monitoring is often the biggest motivation for people to buy this wearable device, so in addition to the routine exercise data monitoring, the Didoe23 blood pressure watch brings a significant function – blood oxygen monitoring.The simple understanding of this function is to monitor the level of oxygen in human blood, so as to predict the condition of the body in advance to achieve better prevention.The blood pressure watch Didoe23 can be used to detect bleeding oxygen saturation (SpO2) anytime and anywhere in about 6 seconds, which is a practical function in real life.




In addition, the DIDOE23 blood pressure watch also brings ECG monitoring function. Different from conventional ECG monitoring, the CORDIV-LEAM ECG algorithm of DIDO is not only a single monitoring, but also can directly draw ECG and export ECG data with one key.Lorentz Scatter Diagram can clearly identify the heart condition, for the current response to various kinds of sudden disease is very effective;That’s a feature that even the latest Apple 6 Watch doesn’t have.


Didoe23 blood pressure watch can realize sports data recording and health data monitoring, which depends on the 4 groups of PPG+ECG optical sensors used by Dido. The measurement speed and measurement accuracy brought by the watch are relatively good.