Self-developed mobile phone chip replaces Qualcomm! Google Pixel 6 will be officially on sale on October 28

According to the latest news, Google’s Pixel 6 series of mobile phones will start pre-sale on October 19 and officially go on sale on October 28.

Judging by past practices, the Google Pixel 6 series conference should be held on October 19, when the mystery of this phone will be unveiled.

However, it should be noted that although Google Pixel 6 has not yet been released, in fact, a lot of relevant information has been exposed some time ago, and even pictures have been exposed.

According to the picture, Google Pixel 6 is equipped with an ultra-narrow bezel and an ultra-small centered digging screen, and the entire visual effect is very comfortable.

This is also the most perfect full-screen solution besides under-screen proactive.


As for the back design, Google Pixel 6 also maintains the very simple design of the past, but this generation has brought some very “unique” designs, and the rear-view part adopts the horizontal “explosion-proof shield” scheme.

The whole is similar to Meizu 17, but the rear camera part of the phone is indeed more serious, and it is a whole block, which seems to be a bit offensive compared to Meizu 17.

It is worth mentioning that this year the Pixel 6 series will be equipped with a new generation of Google tensor processor (TPU), this new chip supports artificial intelligence technology, can improve voice recognition, and improve the processing of photos and videos.

Google said that the Tensor chip will make Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro the fastest, smartest, and safest Pixel phones to date.