Too hard to shoot selfies? Here is your ultimate course of taking selfies!

Note: If you are using a beauty camera, please turn off your makeup filter and special effects, and adjust the microdermabrasion as small as possible

Natural daylight

Standing in front of the window and shooting at the light source, the sunlight will make the eyes bright and beautiful.

However, if the sun is too strong, the blemishes on the face will be obvious, so it is recommended to shoot about one meter away from the window for the best results.

Indoor lighting 1

My fill light is an IKEA floor lamp with a 15w bulb, and the effect is very good.

As long as the light is good, it will be beautiful! Trust me!

Indoor lighting 2

That is, take pictures with the indoor lights.

This will not capture small blemishes on the skin, but if the light is not well mastered, it is easy to capture nasolabial lines.

So generally I look up and try to shoot at the light source

Rear flash

This is very simple. You can ask your sister or boyfriend to help yourself, or put a mirror in front of it. Need to deal with it later.