Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear earphones that equipped with an improved 7mm XWB unit

IE 300 is Sennheiser’s latest Hi-Fi headset product. It is equipped with an improved version of the 7mm diameter XWB driver unit, ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks (combining comfort and passive noise reduction), and the headphone cable that can be replaced and upgraded as required to meet the preferences of enthusiasts.


Sennheiser said that the new and improved 7mm XWB unit was designed and manufactured at its headquarters in Germany, and the components have been carefully adjusted to improve the listening experience. The optimized diaphragm reduces the inherent resonance and total harmonic distortion as much as possible (THD <0.08%@1kHz, 94dB). The design of the back cavity of the transducer aims to reduce the sound reflection in the shell; the resonator cavity eliminates Masking resonance in the ear canal to obtain a more delicate and detailed treble. The frequency response of IE 300 can reach between 6 Hz and 20 kHz, which can provide clear high frequencies and subtle and warm musicality.


The IE 300 is durable and comfortable to wear, and its design inspiration comes from Sennheiser’s professional audio field. Ergonomic design includes individually adjustable flexible ear hooks and 3 sizes (S/M/L) of silicone/memory foam earpads. In addition to striving to fit the ear canal and ensure long-term comfortable wearing, it also has an excellent passive noise reduction effect, even in the noisy commuting environment, you can also enjoy an undisturbed listening experience.

The 3.5mm headphone cable attached to the IE 300 is reinforced with a Teparan (para-aramid) material to ensure that it can be stretched flexibly even after thousands of bends. The connection between the cable and the earphone adopts the gold-plated Fidelity+MMCX interface, and the 4.8mm diameter plug is deeply buried in the earphone shell, reducing the chance of force damage. Users can also choose a balanced headphone cable with a 2.5mm or 4.4mm interface to upgrade.