Sennheiser IE300 headset will be released: Made of inert material

On January 24, Sennheiser’s official Weibo posted an animated picture, suggesting that the IE300 headset will be released soon. The animation only shows the outline of the new headset. According to previous news, this headset uses a hanging ear design with a small cavity, which is consistent with the IE300 previously released overseas by Sennheiser, which means that the IE300 will be released soon.


Sennheiser IE300 headset is equipped with a 7mm single moving coil unit, which officially inherited the previous IE800 series headset technology. The ultra-wideband transducer is made of inert materials and has a pattern-free design that can significantly reduce resonance. This headset is positioned between the previously released IE40PRO and IE400PRO, which use a similar cavity design and are equipped with a single moving coil sound unit. In addition, Sennheiser’s newly launched IE series earphones have abandoned the 0.78mm interface and adopted the more versatile MMCX interface, which can be compatible with more third-party earphone cables and facilitate users to replace balanced interface cables.
The frequency response range of Sennheiser IE300 earphone is 6Hz~20000Hz, impedance is 16Ω, sensitivity is up to 124dB, THD distortion
The current price of IE300 announced in Europe is 299 Euros. The price of this headset is expected to be close to foreign pricing, lower than IE400PRO.