Tips and Share: How to buy a floor sweeping robot?

For most people, after a day of work, the first thing they do when they come home from get off work must be to collapse on the sofa. However, there are always all kinds of daily chores to hinder us, such as sweeping the floor.

The birth of the sweeping robot solves our problem, as long as a sweeping robot can help you solve the troubles of sweeping the floor.

The first aspect is cleaning ability.

Currently, the popular sweepers on the market basically have little difference in their light cleaning capabilities, so what we want to compare is their deep cleaning capabilities.

For example, the cleanliness of long hair, pet hair, carpet, etc., and the effect of the mopping function of the mopping machine.

If the cleaning ability is not enough, then we might as well sweep the floor by ourselves.

The second aspect is coverage.

The coverage area mainly depends on the capabilities of the sweeper in two aspects, one is the navigation function and the other is the algorithm.

At present, the mainstream sweepers are laser navigation and visual navigation. Laser navigation uses LDS laser scanning. Laser navigation uses laser ranging and scanning. The speed and accuracy of mapping will be better than visual navigation.

The visual navigation uses a camera, which depends more on the brightness of the light, but the visual navigation can capture and recognize the situation better.

The third aspect is intelligent planning.

This is where the gap between high-end products and low-end products lies.

The more awesome the product, the higher the level of intelligence. The more functions it has, the more operations it can perform.