SMORSS Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Cover: Turn iPad to MacBook in a Second

Compared with laptop, iPad is more lightweight and portable, which can completely meet the daily use needs of most users, such as painting, music creation and daily office work, which can be easily handled.But for someone like me who does a lot of typing, I always feel like something’s missing without the keyboard.Recently, I have experienced the SMORSS bluetooth keyboard cover, which can change my iPad into MacBook in seconds. Besides watching TV dramas, it can also achieve doing multi-dimensional lightweight office tasks.



The outer layer of the protective case is made of delicate skin friendly material, which supports intelligent awakening/closing. The inner shell is a fully encapsulated silicone soft shell, which is more convenient for disassembly and installation. The honeycomb design can also effectively dissipate heat, and can buffer and prevent the plate from falling down and causing damage.



The socket is so precise that it doesn’t block the iPad’s buttons, headphone jack or external speaker.The details of the work is also very careful, such as the top of the case designed a hidden pen slot, which is easy to carry



The cover uses an all-in-one design, and after opening the cover, the plate can be held upright by magnetic suction, turning it into a notebook posture.The scissor-style keys have a shorter range and a denser set of keys, but the SMORSS Bluetooth keyboard is only 0.4cm thick, which gives it a nice feel.And the rebound is silet, coding word at late-night will not affect the sleeping family.


There is an intelligent touch pad at the bottom of the keyboard, which supports a variety of intelligent gesture control, such as horizontal sliding of three fingers to quickly switch apps and sliding of three fingers back to the home page at the same time, which is more convenient for our daily use.Considering the size and thickness and efficiency of the office, the SMORSS performance is very good in the field of portable keyboard cover, and the bottom of the keyboard is also designed with a hand support, which is more comfortable for code words.


There are the hidden switch and TypeC charging port on the right side of the keyboard, supporting charging with shell, which eliminates the tedious task of taking off the plate frequently



In general, SMORSS bluetooth keyboard cover not only provides more comprehensive protection for iPad, but also further improves our work efficiency with bluetooth keyboard and smart trackpad. Besides, it feels comfortable and makes iPad become MacBook in a second